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carried on by the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in the country the coalition has complete control of yemeni air space the facility supported by the charity save the children serve more than five thousand people it had been opened for thirty minutes before the attack at least seven people were killed four of them children among those that were killed included two minister of health stuff as well and of the four children that died all boys ranging between eight and fourteen years old. this week marks four years since the start of yemen's war thousands rallied in the capital on tuesday to mark the anniversary of the conflict millions have been displaced much of the country is on the brink of famine the united nations says is the worst place to be a child we're hearing of children that have being killed and maimed by air strikes and shelling but then also there's the reverberating affix in the last couple of
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weeks there has been. a resurgent caller and suspected cholera cases where thousands of children each week being suspected to have cholera and save the children has estimated that over eighty five thousand children may have died since the conflict if school aged in two thousand and fifteen dozens of children died last august when a school bus was hit by an air raid led by the saudi u.a.e. coalition that same month another hospital was attacked in her data several cease fires have been agreed on yet they consistently crumble. as a war continues into yet another year it's often the most vulnerable who are left to pick up the pieces. so they yearn al-jazeera opposition groups in algeria say a call by the army chief to have president abdelaziz bouteflika declared unfit for office doesn't go far enough are calling for a bigger change the military's direct intervention follows weeks of protests again . but if they can as backers us will help our ports. the algerian army breaks
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its silence it demands the country's ailing president. be declared unfit to rule it was army's chief or staff left in and general. who made the demand but that in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties by triggering article one zero two the constitutional council will have to declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the opposite in the parliament. to take over as interim president until elections are held. the army chief
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widely seen as a key ally of president of the law. has in the past warned against instability as the anti-government rallies gained momentum. the protests continue it even went but a player can made a few concessions which shuffled the government called for a national dialogue and followed not to see if. his offer was dismissed by key opposition leaders as a ploy by the establishment to take the steam out of the protests what a move for twenty years but in two thousand and thirteen has suffered a stroke and ever since was rarely seen in public algeria's have been calling for a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft and you can situation and reinvigorate an economy in
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tatters if we follow the constitutions more or less do so in people who are alone in the country at the moment we've been in it for the foreseeable future and forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections are that we would making major constitutional or legal arrangements so the game we produce will be will be played according to the rules that exist today and this is what the people have been calling for or against basically they don't want the politics to continue under the same rules which in oil and natural gas algeria's economy has struggled as oil prices declined over the last few years the government slashed social development programs to tackle recession but unemployment sought and anger spread. he has for decades used its political and financial influence to shape policies in the african continent. but today the country faces huge challenges
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as it distances itself from what's a legacy of the top as the us will be closely watched by algeria's neighbors and particularly the arab league which is holding its annual beating in tunisia. tunis and egyptian delegation is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a cease fire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically mr benjamin netanyahu says he will take further action against hamas israel's military is increasing its presence along the gaza border and israel continued to carry out air strikes on gaza overnight rockets were also fired back from the territory of stephanie attacker has more from the israel gaza border fence . things are relatively calm around the border areas the restrictions that the army placed on the border communities have been lifted despite that there is an increased troops presence tanks we've seen them on the road just stagnant on
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standby if you will what we understand now from media reports that there is an egyptian delegation of course the egyptians have been mediating between the two sides between israel and hamas for quite some time but they are expected to come and speak to both sides to try and find some kind of middle ground the real test now moving forward is this weekend when we have the one year anniversary of the great march of return those are of course these border protests that have put immense pressure on israel israel wants them to stop hamas doesn't see that it is achieved anything pop of all over the last year it is also facing pressure from the people inside there's been a fledgling but important protest movement on happiness at how much at the same time you know who the prime minister facing a lot of pressure he's two weeks away from a hotly contested election is being seen as weak for not doing more here the situation remains very fragile it is possible to go any either way but we're going to have to wait and see how things develop over the next couple of days. a new
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report has found human traffickers may have committed crimes against humanity in malaysia and thailand between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fifteen the joint human rights commission of malaysia and fortify rights group says the crimes are committed against her henchmen men women and children at sea and of human trafficking camps the report documents criminals to savor ahead to refugees to board ships later abusing them enslaving them and in some cases killing them many repair in the mass graves in malaysia the president of the european council donald tusk has said that the e.u. must be prepared for a long extension of time needed by the u.k. to leave the block and he's in britain are due to vote on a range of alternative products at options on wednesday after parliament voted to take control of the process of leaving the e.u. and there was a major defeat for prime minister theresa may who's hoping to get her bracks that withdrawal deal through parliament this week and piece of twice rejected mr
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agreement with the e.u. test went on to make a personal plea to members of the european parliament over bracks and you'll come to be trade the six million people who signed that petition to revoke. their one million people. for it beat those. increasing much joey deals people who wants to remain in the european union. they may. look so efficient to do it with. by the u.k. problem but they must feel that they are represented by you in this chamber because the europeans. still ahead on al-jazeera. one night you could get a new oh we have an exclusive report on why and how an australian right wing party sought cash from the u.s. gun lobby. and an investigation that alleges that drug smugglers have access to the
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highest levels of the philippine government. to look at the international focus we got the usual scattering of showers across southeast asia with season lively showers may be pushing their way out towards the philippines over the next couple of days malaysia indonesia just seeing the usual heat of the day downpours coming through they are not seeing a little further north was to go on into friday some wet weather maybe pushing up into parts of india china thailand could see some lively showers from time to time among the thirty for the temperature there for bangkok then the enough just a little dab across northern parts of australia this area cloud we have just making its way out of queensland aim to new south wales close as the remnants of what was
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tropical side flow not travel and you can see how it's just linking up with the system just running down towards new zealand so still some wet weather in the forecast to be useful rainfall into western parts of queensland central areas over the past couple of days see the heaviest downpours and the flooding right it has to be said to make their way towards central and eastern parts of the state some of will not a little further south which as we go on into friday so we could see some useful rain that will last just pushing across into new south wales melbourne fondant light temperatures here at twenty three celsius but it's twenty six foot path.
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fly qatar airways and experience economy class like never before. and ways going places to get. your rushing out to zero and these are the top stories this hour thailand's main opposition party has formed a coalition with six other parties after sunday's election the leader of the prototype party says the coalition will have enough seats to control the lower house seven people including four children have been killed in an air strike on a hospital and yemen the military coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. is being blamed for the algerian army has called for president abdelaziz bouteflika
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to be declared unfit for office follows weeks of mass protests opposition groups say even more change is needed. a three year al-jazeera investigation into the us gun lobby has uncovered efforts by a political party in australia to secure twenty million dollars from pro-gun advocates and america a one nation party visited washington d.c. in september of last year seeking funds from the national rifle association charlie from our investigative unit has part two of the story. here is investigative unit film decoded legally pulling in since one nation visited the u.s. to attend a series of meat. things with gun lobby representatives. the one nation delegation was made up of the party's chief of staff james ashby and steve dixon the leader of the party in the astringent state of queensland. right through to million dollars. when i hate to say it plus five states in the senate there were hoping that
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confetti donations from the gun lobby would help them secure the balance of power in a strenuous parliament in an upcoming federal election there we would we would get out now if we were to see you know. you know what i reckon that. if you want wendy you would give us a lot of house and i would have felt that. while seeking millions from the gun lobby one nation said it was prepared to soften stricter gun control legislation in australia that the n.r.a. has frequently criticized we want to know whether or not. you'll be there during a visit to the us dixon and ashby attended a series of meetings in which they were often advised by gun lobby groups on how to prepare the is trillion public for an easing of the strict gun laws you have
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somebody who maybe at least your son i worked at a newspaper maybe was in city hall or or a little princess doris' about people who were robbed at their old invitation or whatever it might be that could help how they felt and that's going to be good stewards and that's why it's got a right it's going to do five of those are we. pulling hanson's one nation party has developed an official gun policy. that proposes a softening of the strict gun lewis the destroy you put in place following a messenger in the town of port arthur in ninety ninety six but didn't seek. they recorded meetings steve dixon promised to work to reverse the laws if we don't chime saying people are going to go over the stile you go well god help them to get on top of not having guns to talk about them to get in a politically correct part and if it is if one portion or you know it will poison our whole life we stop it before charlie al-jazeera sydney. enter thomas has more
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now from sydney. the revelations are still dominating the news here in australia this is the front page of one paper scorched and loaded now that refers to the two one nation officials who were caught on camera trying to get money out of the us gun lobby now saying that when they were filmed they were drunk they drank too much whisky too much scotch by the filmmaker from al-jazeera who made this program says that's just not true at all he filmed hours of footage of them in business meetings as well as in bars and they were consistently saying that they wanted to get money out of the us gun lobby consistently saying that they thought they could change the political system here if they got hold of that money the other excuse that the one nation officials have is that this was entrapment by al jazeera a foreign owned in their eyes a muslim broadcaster and for a right wing political party that sort of smear perhaps is no surprise not too surprising that one nation wants to highlight pick atari informs associate out zero
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with the. muslim world because it runs on a you know islamophobia platform and that fits within its narrative it's important to say too that the filmmaker behind this documentary denies completely that he was in any way compromised editorially because of al-jazeera as financial backer there was no influence whatsoever from qatar no imports no suggestion no censorship nothing whatsoever this was entirely conducted by me and my team in washington and in australia politically all this matters here because while one nation is an extreme party on the far right of politics they do have about five in some places nearly ten percent support and the prime minister who runs a center right party doesn't want to completely alienated their supporters so he's got to tread a very fine line while on the one hand saying that there are extremists who do stupid things like this in this documentary he doesn't want to say that those who support them are in the same boat. you can watch the whole program from al-jazeera
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as investigative units it's called how to sell a massacre it'll be on al-jazeera early the twenty eighth of march at six g.m.t. venezuela's opposition leader wong has described the country's second major blackout this month as a new tragedy addressing the national assembly he blamed president nicolas maduro for the power outage government declared tuesday a national holiday to help cope with the blackout but there has again blamed u.s. backed opponents for sabotaging a day on that provides most of venezuela's electricity and the political and economic turmoil in venezuela has created with the u.n. is calling latin america's worst ever refugee crisis of the three million people who fled in recent years one million have left for neighboring colombia that's where the u.n. refugee agency has set up its first center to receive venezuelans who escaped the crisis else under up at airports. it's an image more often associated with countries real refugees are fleeing from war while the stains in
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the desert of northern colombia might seem a surprising sight they could become an increasingly common one like thousands of others yet became unable to feed their three children in neighboring minnesota where she took a chance moving them here and soon ended up sleeping on the dusty streets of the border city of either afghanistan that we slept on the side. it was scary and it was difficult to find feet i would skip meals to feed them i need to eat to feed the little one i would worry and cry until they put me to this camp. this is the first came the united nations refugee agency has built in colombia where more than a million venezuelans of sought refuge from hunger and shortages. the un's not calling your refugee camp but a migrant center for the most vulnerable state temporarily to gather their strength . they only sorry ass is relieved to leave the desperation back home behind her and
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says every meal for her daughter bridges or joy was. when we were screened they told me she was underweight thank god she gained weight since the party and is recovering fairly well until recently the colombian authorities had resisted the idea of opening camps like this one fearing they would have convince more people to leave but with more and more families arriving from venezuela and ending up on the streets local authorities decided something needed to be done hundreds of people of families are now still living in the streets on my couch or due to the lack of alternatives and lack of shelter solutions. the local authorities to. unity are toward to intervene. exhaustion is palpable among the. rivals but no one is giving up seventy four year old. was an
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engineer for venezuela's state oil company after losing to spain ssion for protesting against the government he's selling chocolates on the streets to support his life back home. you know maybe. i came without knowing what i was going to achieve but i've always been strong and i'm going to persevered a sentiment of resilience echoed here again and again with been it's well and happy with their brief response i and life however fleetingly feels a little bit better i listened to them. brazil's president terrible sorrow has ordered his armed forces to hold commemorations on sunday to mark the anniversary of the one nine hundred sixty four military coup also has a former army captain says he admires the military leadership that rule the country until one thousand nine hundred five and he denies that removing of the president fifty five years ago amounted to a coup hundreds of people were tortured killed or disappeared during the military
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era a former senior police officer in the philippines says president right rigo to territory has been photographed with two chinese men allegedly involved in illegal drugs at war eduardo a sheriff has released the results of an investigation which suggests that chinese drug smugglers may have access to the top levels of the philippine government bill allen the reports from manila. former police senior superintendent eduardo a share to face the media afraid but to find he has been in hiding for several months and has received death threats but now he's presenting the results of an investigation he led before being dismissed from his job last year. the report which was submitted to senior police officials in the summer two thousand and seventeen details the alleged involvement of two chinese nationals in the smuggling of illegal drugs into the philippines the former police officer says
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one of the men also helped set up an illicit drugs laboratory in dabao city the hometown of president rodrigo territory in two thousand and four the chinese national was appointed economic advisor to the government and was often seen in the president's company. that is what the scared me is the president even aware of the background of this person. that the drugs in the group have already penetrated. that the michael young group are conduits in the importation of illegal drugs in the country are sure to says he did consider at one point that the terror to wasn't aware the chinese national was a suspected drug lord the spite his report. when the president mentioned that michael young was just a drug user or a pusher because at that time they already had a copy of the report so i don't know if made report. by someone close to the
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president or if they submitted a different report to the president when the turtle was sworn into office he promised to end the presence of illegal drugs within the first six months. more than two years on thousands of filipinos have been killed in the president's so-called war on drugs b. fifty two years and. ironic is that in spite of the report given. to the president michael i want to point this is economic manager or economic adviser of the president the government denies the allegations a spokesperson says they have cleared the chinese national of drug links the government also says a share to himself has to answer allegations he was involved in a major drug smuggling operation last year i don't think michael young was ever involved otherwise he would have been shoot or would have been on the norco list
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but the government has yet to explain the process it uses to decide the guilt or otherwise of suspected drug lords the dossier about the chinese nationals alleged involvement goes back fifteen years and it includes detailed information about associates in the philippines and other countries dogon al jazeera mandela and his prime minister narendra modi says country is now a space superpower after it shot down a satellite as part of a test india's now become only the fourth country to ever do so or now from. new delhi. well the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh's india's space development through isro the indian space
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research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge feather in the prime minister's operation to shock the was. over in reaching the east of the country so certainly a major announcement by a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india u.s. vice president mike pence is calling for a dramatic acceleration in american space exploration speaking at a meeting at the space council in the us he expressed hopes for a manned mission to the moon within five years and also suggested that nasa rockets could be replaced by alternatives from private companies. we have the technology to return to the moon and renew american leadership in human space exploration what we need now. is urgency. and make no mistake about it.
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we're in a space race today just as we were in the one nine hundred sixty s. . and the stakes are even higher a county in the state of new york has declared an emergency over an outbreak of measles the u.s. eradicated that the season two thousand but has recently experienced several al breaks local officials are banning unvaccinated children from public spaces and pulling six thousand kids out of school the outbreak has been largely concentrated in an ultra orthodox jewish community where a vaccination rates are lower. a southwest airlines boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft the same type that was grounded worldwide earlier this month in an emergency landing in orlando passengers are on board the aircraft of so it was ferried to victor bill in california that's where southwest is parking the airplanes while boeing investigates as federal aviation administration grounded all seven thirty seven max eight planes after two recent fatal crashes.
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and we shall carry these are the headlines on al jazeera thailand's main opposition party has formed a coalition with six other parties after sunday's election the leader of the puts high party says the coalition will have enough seats to control the lower house but still not enough for them to choose one of their one of their own rather as prime minister. seven people including four children have been killed in an air strike on a hospital and yemen the military coalition led by saudi arabia the u.a.e. is being blamed that of the algerian army has called for president abilities beautifully good to be declared unfit for office apollo's weeks of mass protests opposition groups say even more change is needed and egyptian delegation is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a cease fire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically since monday or minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll take further action against hamas israel's military is increasing its presence along the
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gaza border a new report has found human traffickers may have committed crimes against humanity in malaysia and thailand between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fifteen the joint human rights commission of malaysia and fortify rights group says the crimes were committed against her henchmen men women and children at sea and in human trafficking camps. the president of the european council donald tusk has said that the e.u. must be prepared for a long extension of the time needed by the u.k. to leave the bloc in peace and britain urge you to vote on a range of alternative boxset options on wednesday after parliament voted to take control of the process of leaving the e.u. foreign minister theresa may is still hoping to get her brics a deal through parliament this week m.p.'s have twice rejected may's agreement with the e.u. venezuela's opposition leader was described the country's second major blackout this month as a new tragedy addressing the national assembly they blamed president nicolas maduro
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for the power outage has again blamed the u.s. backed opponents for sabotaging in town that provides most of venezuela's electricity so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera radicalise youth is up next . or in the. and i mean you give one of them. with. the other they did a good thing you will then live with it and. they're doing the other thing i want to. show a little may even get a little bit you know somebody valeo to. be out there with and have him out of my
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nose ring out of the. woods i deny them the embodiment of those of us which i haven't done. a good one in movies with. a gun murder. a. god. or god. goodman in the gulf with them on.
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all of them all with. the whole game show going all the deal. with him also that so much damage mission must oh i think. that the. i love him locke was a king. and. i just thought he was about a slave and all of him and. you know trying to hold. we don't know what's going to come. along and i thought that was
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puts us at high school now honey put him stand in line and i. hopped in place. and. i said i know that. the political position is the reason it's me i've been working in the field of human rights here in israel palestine for about twenty three years it can be in the courts it can be civil disobedience and. it can be accompanying farmers or shepherds to protect them from settlers. settlers are a very very group some of them are not violent at all although they often nevertheless turn a blind eye when others are being violent. but some of them are more violence and some of them are very violent the most violent perhaps are the so-called hilltop
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youth. if i look into them so. i almost felt in a way in fact and i will miss open how the second at an end. but he deliberately i did not know i didn't hold could have been out the. minority in michigan no i didn't i'm in a j h o minute a short thought moore middleton i wish i could show the series into three one a bitch of a job i'm not psychic you know government commerce and kind of government almost see it. more see it sent it out and been romani able then ko-ko with obama it thought i'm. definitely such a god human terms that. i mean today we have a very right wing government which supports the settlers doesn't matter to them
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whether the israelis are acting legally or illegally peacefully or violently. the people that live out here. more that's the same population that attacked us very violently in april. two thousand and seventeen. the hilltop youth are young they are do wells who kind of drop out of every system they see themselves as being extremely religious so that the messiah will come and we god's kingdom here but they don't even respect the rabbis of the settlements who they are is a natural outgrowth of what we've created here. most of the other settlers and the police and the army they all. this own they all reject they all criticize the hilltop youth and it's very in some ways comfortable for them to say well we're
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not them but they maybe we're becoming.


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